Status Code 	 Anlamı
100	Continue
101	Switching Protocols
200	Client Request Succeeeded
201	Created
202	Accepted
203	Non-authoritative information
204	No content
205	Reset content
206	Partial content
301	Moved Permanently
302	Moved Temporarily
303	See Other
304	Not modified
305	Temporary redirect
400	Bad Request
401.1	Access Denied (Logon Failed)
401.2	Access Denied (Logon Failed due to server configuration)
401.3	Access Denied (Unauthorized due to ACL on resource)
401.4	Access Denied (Authorization failed by filter)
401.5	Access Denied (Authorization failed by ISAPI/CGI application)
401.7	Access Denied (By IIS6 URL authorization policy on web server)
403.1	Forbidden (Execute Access)
403.2	Forbidden (Read Access)
403.3	Forbidden (Write Access)
403.4	Forbidden (SSL Required)
403.5	Forbidden (128-bit SSL Required)
403.6	Forbidden (IP Address Rejected)
403.7	Forbidden (Client Certificate Required)
403.8	Forbidden (Site access denied)
403.9	Forbidden (Too many users)
403.10	Forbidden (Invalid configuration)
403.11	Forbidden (Password change)
403.12	Forbidden (Mapper Denied Access)
403.13	Forbidden (Client certificate revoked)
403.14	Forbidden (Directory listing denied)
403.15	Forbidden (Client Access Licenses exceeded)
403.16	Forbidden (Client certificate is untrusted)
403.17	Forbidden (Client certificate is expired)
403.18	Forbidden (Cannot execute URL in current application pool)
403.19	Forbidden (Cannot execute CGIs in current application pool)
403.20	Forbidden (Passport logon failed)
404.1	Not Found (Website not accessible on the requested port)
404.2	Not Found (Web service extension lockdown policy)
404.3	Not Found (MIME map policy)
404.4	Not Found (No Handler in IIS7)
404.5	Request Filtering (URL Sequence)
404.6	Request Filtering (Verb)
404.7	Request Filtering (File extension)
404.8	Request Filtering (Hidden namespace)
404.9	Request Filtering (Hidden File Attribute)
404.10	Request Filtering (Header is too long)
404.11	Request Filtering (URL double escaped)
404.12	Request Filtering (High-bit characters)
404.13	Request Filtering (Content length is too long)
404.14	Request Filtering (URL is too long)
404.15	Request Filtering (Query string is too long)
405	Method not allowed
406	Browser does not accept the media type
407	Proxy authentication required	
412	Precondition failed
413	Request entity too large
414	Request-URI too long
415	Unsupported media type
416	Requested range not satisfiable
417	Execution failed
500.12	Web Server is restarting
500.13	Web server is too busy
500.15	You can’t have Global.asa
500.16	UNC authorization credentials are incorrect
500.18	URL authorization store cannot be opened
500.100	Internal ASP error
501	Header values specify a configuration that is not implemented
502.1	CGI application timeout
502.2	Error in CGI application
503	Service unavailable
504	Gateway timeout
505	HTTP version not supported