FIX: Calling MailboxGet API function on unknown mailbox when using database would leave handle open
FIX: SMTP security setting for rejecting email if sender from invalid domain was not handling invalid chars in domain name
FIX: SPF A record lookup was limited to 20 IPs
FIX: The drop folder for SMTP was not logging anything when processing emails
FIX: Replying to default message in webmail was failing
FIX: Webmail was not handling underscores in email addresses in groups for group expansion
FIX: Subject in command file is being lost by MTA when going from SF inbound to SMTP out
FIX: Webmail and admin password policy check was not recognising some symbols
FIX: Some 8bit encoded email content was not visible in webmail
FIX: Improved message parsing for emails in webmail
FIX: Viewing message headers in webmail was loading complete message and parsing it, twice, which was slow on large messages
FIX: Datepicker for new directory entries in webadmin was not showing
FIX: Webmail Draft emails cannot add more than 5 BCC addresses without error
FIX: MEInstaller was changing the anonymous authentication account for root website
FIX: Webmail display name being truncated is second last character was encoded
FIX: Administration program could fail when trying to list certificates if there was a lot of them

4 Yorum -“MailEnable 9.13 Versiyonu Release edildi 25.05.2016”

  1. Kamil yazmış:

    yukarıdaki bilgiyi mailenablenin sitesinden de bulursunuz. Önemli olan bunların açıklaması diye düşünüyorum.

    • Zaten yeni versiyonun güncelleme notlarının açıklaması bunlar, açıklamadan kastınız türkçe çevirisi ise o kadar uğraşacak malesef vaktım yok 🙂

  2. tunçer er yazmış:

    şirketimiz mailenable kullanıyor ama mail trafiğinden hesap kullanım kotamız dolmuş durumda bununla ilgili nasıl bir çözüme gitmeliyiz bilgi alabilirmiyiz?