MailEnable Premium Release Notes

9.12 20th Apr 2016

ADD: System Admin can now create postoffices via web administration (Enterprise or Premium 
ADD: Added Audit Log to WebAdmin mailbox properties

IMP: Optimized IO caching buffers for improved performance on NAS (or any other storage 
system with adverse latency)

IMP: Improved responsiveness and layout of mailbox properties dialog

IMP: Improved input validation when creating and editing mailboxes via web administration

IMP: Simplified Mailbox Creation Wizard and improved layout

IMP: WebAdmin will now look for "Require Secure Session" under SOFTWARE\Mail Enable
\Mail Enable\Services\WebAdmin\Options to force SSL

IMP: Web Administration will now inform an authenticated ADMIN or SYSADMIN as to whether 
webadmin is disabled (rather than a generic failure message)

FIX: Viewing a SYSADMIN user in WebAdmin on Standard Edition would display as USER

FIX: If WebAdmin is disabled for the postoffice a SYSADMIN could not add/edit or delete 
domains (Enterprise and Premium)

FIX: Sorting the user list would show 'no scroll div' alert when in tablet view

FIX: Message containing base64 encoded attachment is stripped when forwarded via web mail

FIX: Mailbox properties now refreshes the mailbox list after an item is added

FIX: WebMail would show options in MMC even if it was not installed

FIX: Removed reference to ME_LOGO.BMP in webadmin generated diagnostic report

FIX: Some webmail skins would hide the ability to selectactivity log history